My tibiacams from 2008-2012

Since I’ve been getting nagged about old tibiacams, i uploaded them all on my sky-drive. Just read the read me file first, it explains which client version is needed for each pack.





How Open Tibia Started

Seeing as there are many versions of this stories, parts of this might be inaccurate or even wrong.

Ever wonder how OTS started? Who had the first server? How did anyone even start mimicking CIP’s game?
Now im not going to summarize the whole history of Open Tibia, but focus on its inception.

We must go back to 2001, here we see the first evidence of what we call Open Tibia.

An individual by the name of Shiv’Voc wanted to have a game that was similar to Tibia. He asked another individual by the name of Tliff to make a program to extract the graphics from tibia client. (CIP Tibia was only version 6.4 back then)

After a while, Shiv got tired of the project and passed it along to Tliff. He made him admin on the SOURCEFORGE (where all open tibia related aspects were posted) so he could keep updating it. (Now it seems only Remere and Ironyt are updating it)

In 2002, the people who were running this project started posting topics that had to due with Open Tibia were posted on aka World of Tibia. Eventually they got their own section and that’s where most of the people involved in it convened. (The open-tibia/otserv subforum on WOT later got deleted at CIP’s request)

I managed to get a hold of DeathfireD, who was one of those few people who worked on the project back then to provide his insight.

Here’s a condensed version of what I witnessed as one of the oldest OTserv members apparently still around. OTserv was a pretty small and an otherwise dead project in the old days. 1 programmer, several non full time code contributors. Only 6 or 7 of us where the “the community” on WoT back then, with the occasional new person showing up asking when a working battle system would be added. It was kind of a running joke for us. When we’d chat we’d always ask “So Tliff got a battle system yet?”, Most of the time it was just Yorick, Gecko Slayer, Nibble, Tliff, Me DeathfireD, and one or two others tossing ideas around on the forums about what OTserv should be like and how we’re gonna find programmers to keep the project alive

Even though this project called “Otserv” got started in 2001, it was only in 2004 that it started to become more stable and aspects such as a functioning spells and a battle system were made.

Eventually Tliff passed on the project lead job to a new programmer named Haktivex. It was a little after Haktivex was appointed that things dramatically changed. Fandoras, another new programmer poped up out of nowhere to show off his own version of OTserv which was coded in C#. It had a battle system with spells and a working map editor. He eventually joined Haktivex in coding OTserv. Their contributions are most definitely what saved and otherwise lit the OTserv popularity fire so to speak. Once people started hearing that there was a tibia clone with a working battle system things just blew up. Tliff and Shi’voc came back. The WoT forum went from a very few people discussing OTserv to a few thousand in a matter of weeks. Discussions where cropping up on Official Tibia forums and in Tibia itself. Tibia News ( even did a few feature stories on it before Tibia started sending out emails to affiliated sites asking them to remove all things related to OTserv.

In 2004 an individual named Fandoras makes his own version of otserv in an attempt to avoid any legal action from CIP. This server was called Tibia Dark Age or TDA. Most people agree this was one of the first Tibia Servers due to its stability. However, this is debatable, and I will not focus on TDA in this post.

As time went on more contributors started to help with the coding of OTserv. More fan sites and servers lists popped up too. People started making their own Distros of OTserv, account managing tools, experiment with paid accounts, and making money from their sites. It was indeed a very innovative and profitable first 2-3 years after Hak and Fando joined OTserv. OTserv essentially went from a project about to die to a project of over several thousand users in just a few months.

So who are the people who made it possible?

About 12 years ago a small team was set up. Their soul purpose, to make an Open source tibia server that everyone could enjoy and edit to there liking. Little did they know that in a few short years their little project would blow up to be something so big as it is now.

The original staff Credits.
Shi’Voc – Coding of initial OtServ
Acrimon – Coding of initial OtServ
Tliff – Coding, some kind of project leader
TiMMit – Coding
Reebow – special support, protocol
Matkus – Front end coding
Privateer – Documentation on the protocol
Torvik – Item list
Yorick – Board mod
Decar – Fansiter
Nibbles and MMN-o – Decoration on IRC

The people above coded much of the stuff you see today. From the walking and talking to the outfits and map editing, the code was done to the best of there knowledge at the time. However after a few years the project was forced to a stand still. Manny of the staff had grown older and tired with Otserv. They moved on with their life (stopped playing games).

Stats of people updating OTS on sourceforge over the past 12 years.

( If you are wondering about other Open tibia forums before todays popular Otland, this was the order. —> OTcommunity —> otserv —> otfans —> otland )

Lastly, this is an intervew conducted 6 years ago with Tliff by DeathfireD

1.) To start off this Interview I’d like to ask, who was the person who
started OTserv? Thought it up and actually put the first lines of code on

Ok, sit down kids, uncle Tliff now tells a story of ancient times…
It started back in like in February 2001 when Snyder released the first
Version of his Tibia server emulator. The site is untouched and still
looks like in those times. Check it out at The background on the site is
also how that version looked like. It still had the old graphics, a
style of it’s own. I was active on the “World of Tibia” forum and it’s
irc channel, so I knew Shi’Voc. He had heard about Snyder’s idea and
started an own tibia server emulator. Snyder’s version only ran on
windows and was rather limited and it was hard to work with it.
Shiv’Voc’s goal was to create a prototype for a cross platform server.
Much of the packet sniffing and decoding was done by Protos, back in the
day. I myself was a very bad programmer back then (today I’m a not that
bad, but not quite good programmer). I tried some simple stuff like
writing a small program to extract the graphics from the client (that
was damn hard with no knowledge or programming skills, believe me ;)).
After the prototype had progressed quite well – it was possible to run
around and chat, throw items around – and it was evident, that it would
really work Shi’Voc and Acrimon designed a completely new tibia server.
This was called OTServ.

2.) What’s the story, how did you and Shi’Voc start OTserv and why?
Oops, I think I accidentally answered the question a bit already. Well, I
wasn’t very much involved in starting it, I rather took over after
Shi’Voc decided to move on to other projects. I can’t tell you what his
motivation was but mine was the challenge. I hadn’t played Tibia for
quite some time and I didn’t plan to, my interest was more to get it working.

3.) So how did you, the almighty Tliff, get to be project leader of the
great OTserv?

Well, when Shi’Voc had left, Tibia was still for the “old” Tibia (Tibia
6.x). The forum on WoT got more and more empty and I thought OTServ
would die. I asked Shi’Voc if he would mind giving me admin rights on
sourceforge and I took it over and started building support for Tibia 7.x

4.) How old is OTserv exactly? Is it as old as the first OTserv CVS
entry date or older? Also how old where you when you started as project leader of OTserv?

It might be off a week or two, but it should be quite accurate. I took it over when i was 17 or 18.

5.) So what was your major goal when starting this project years ago?
Was there a goal or was it just a “Hey lets make a server” kind of deal.

Hey lets make a server!

6.) Was your goals met or are they on the verge of being met?
Well as I had no real goals I am quite impressed with the progress right
now. It’s damn cool to try to build something and then it works, that’s
so great. Having spent weeks on the code and the client is able to login
the first time, that’s great. But what has happened since then is quite

7.) What were your first thoughts about OTserv when you noticed people
started posting about it on

[I don’t know if I got this question right ;), In case you mean how I
found out about otserv then I didn’t, I knew it already, I assume you
mean how I reacted on the posts in the forum]
It’s great to see people appreciate your work. It takes oftens A LOT of
work to get something working, and it’s nice when people say: “Hey, what
you did is cool.”. This really kept me working.

8.) Did you think OTserv would progress to what it is today?
I hoped, but I didn’t think so, to be honest.

9.) So since we all know your one of the oldest staff (aside from
Shivoc), how do you feel about all these new and younger people joining

I think it’s great. More people means more work gets done 😉 To be
honest, Shi’Voc left OTServ quite some time ago and I’m inactive for
over a year.

10.) If you could change one or two things with OTserv or OTserv’s
community what would it be and why?

Better coordination among the unofficial and official developers. Could
should be shared freely.

11.) Well last question, what do you think is in store for OTserv in the

We’ll see, we’ll see. I don’t see anything big coming, more gradual

12.) Anything you would like to say to the OTserv news readers out there?
I thought you said 11.) was the last question? Anyway… Something i
want to tell the readers?
Yeah, a lot:
Don’t pee against the wind.
During night, wear bright clothes.
NEVER pet a burning cat.

No, seriously: Don’t think about doing it, do it.

hehe well thanks Tliff for answering our questionsand shedding light on who you really are to the people that dont know you. We hope to hear more from you in the comming months.
Posted on 02 Jul 2006 by DeathfireD

How i started with tibia movies?

I’m sure we all seen the popular tibia movies such as “Toxic Fire” or “Sorc at War”, I remember seeing them when they first came out and how awesome it would be to make something like that.

Then a few years later in 2008 I was playing Outcast, and a friend of mine named Trick Trick made a pretty killer WMV. I decided to ask him how he did it and gave making my own wmv a try. He told me the program names, and gave me some tips and walla.

I did a horrible job, I just wanted to try it. Its still uploaded on youtube lol (Back then i used alias Grimy/Death)

I went on to make a few more crappy (but not as bad) ones before starting my youtube channel.

Then after quitting outcast and moving to, I decided to make some practice films before I actually I made a movie. Once i got some basic knowledge of Vegas, I made a youtube channel and uploaded my first movie.

Rest was history, i made many many more. In fact, about 35 more. Since people seemed to enjoy them, and I would get decent view amount, i continued to do them.

Even though its not worth the time and effort to do them, its fun to re watch old movies you made.

If you want to know how to start, just youtube sony vegas tutorials, that how i learned. But you should not use Vegas like many people do, its not as easy as these other new programs that offer the same result.

But here are some programs that can be used.

Sony Vegas (For editing)

Adobe After Effects (For recording tibia screens)

Adobe Premire (For editing)

Snagit (For recording tibia screens)

Fraps (For recording tibia screens)

Anyway, after making a few Oldera movies more people started making tibia movies and they’re awesome at it (check them out)

And feel free to look at my other channels that are not really tibia related

P.S. I got 4 tibia movies on this account too;

Funny chat with Ryan

If your not familiar with Ryan , please check out THIS previous post.
After more than a year of inactivity I got a hold of Ryan. And had a nice visit down memory lane 🙂

When did you open your first OTS?

Ryan says

i opened a xml server fast attk speed servers was the trend back then
i called it doria or w.e. not sure had like 60 steady players
only online for around 5 hrs a day when i was on my dads pc
back then nobdoy had dedicated servs and shit
just all home servs and trying to get on ur favorite serv asap it goes on

You once had a lvling service?

Ryan says
all goldservice/lvlingservices were scams
as they were always paid through daopay
once i had my servs making money
i could pay for anything
a botnet, a hacker, programmers etc
and was around 15-16 so just wanna be internethero and pulled off a good job i think

You spread yout botnet through the Oldera client?

Ryan says
some people i just hated and i would let them know
no was a false rport on asprate’s ipchanger
which still reports having trojans in it
cuz of the auto updater
botnet was growing via warez forums posting so called cracks and purchasing more bots from more experienced herders

You Paid for your botnet? Who did you Ddos?

Ryan says
yea 100mbps lines have used them a while back
on oldtibia and some 7.4/7.6 from some gay
not sure
but just ddosed him because he noted rules on his website “the law is u dont ddos or i get police on u blabla”
ddosed tibianic, realots, otland a few times
for concurrention but purely for fun

Were the Oldera files, the CIP stolen files?

Ryan says
partly yes
started more at narozia
there used to be a old otbm released
without monsters quests and shit, cipsoft’s map
so we began tracking it
thats how narozia started 900 online average players
so we got konrad (remere)
converting all the shit
the exe was made by
open tibia svn 0.7.3
konrad owner tibianic
i was about starting classicalia with him but some things got in the way
yes his files are based on my files
he just perfected everything, props to him though

If they are not 100% CIP stolen files, how did he get all the minors details right?

Ryan says
partly perfecting himself
and prolly getting files from one and another
sim_one from simone’s mapeditor owns all files
toor also from realots
and remere a part of that
so one of those gave some files too him
most likely
that are only real owners of cipsoft files
as i recall
but cipsoft files are hard to use raw, we had to convert all npcs for an instance
as they were in cipsoft’s formatting thus not useable out of the box

Who are the original owners of the files?

Ryan says
toor original owner
or well cipsoft is original owner but toor had access to a gameserver back in the days
when everything loginserv etc was hosted on 1/2 server
most likely via via
toor has knowledge to actually extract files and such
infamous gm/or inside guy most likely didnt know shit bout computers

sim_one signed a legal contract
not distributing the files though

Why do you believe people will buy your files if they have a back door?

Ryan says
im not forcing or begging for someone to buy
buying is under my terms and ofc i know about my name
they are valueable files

You plan on coming back anytime soon?

Ryan says
no not rly
i can host for people
but not really into creating and maintaining server
as in fixing mapbugs npcs smallbugs etc

You still got access to that dedicenter in NL? You used snort to protect your former servers?

Ryan says
snort used to be on a server filteringall connections
to main serv
back in narozia days due lotsa ddosing
now its software on the mainserv
blocking some dos scriptkiddie shits
but if someone wants he can get the serv down

How did you get all this technical knowledge?

Ryan says
been into computers since ive been 9 or so
i was 15 yrs old making 100 eur a day
not good for a child
i dont value money properly atm
dont work because i dont feel like cuz i used to get moneys for free

The money from OTS?

Ryan says
narozia was peak days
900 users online a day
if we did offer we d made 350eur~
like 50% discount
all by daopay, when daopay still paid normal payout

How did you get started with hacking?

i was 8 hrs a day online 12 yrs straight in weekends
just got in touch with specific people
some russian fellows
dont do hackkiddie forums its a load of bs
with only trojans on it they first ddosed narozia
asking kinda ransom or w.e. u call it
to not ddos, and it was a big ddos

Ryan says
we started as a kinda enemy relation
then i started using his services
and get more involved etc
still talk him occasianelly

You got banned from OTland for ddosing it?

Ryan says
no just for being dick and most wanted on otland
all threads i started was flamewar

Sammy NSC says
mind if i make this convo public?

Ryan says
prolly they wont believe its me though

Sammy NSC says
why not?

Ryan says
nobody ever believes
im real ryan balabla

Full msn convo:

Erik, Znote, Amoaz and Mastercores

Elitesoft, Realsoft, Erik. All these aliases come from the same individual. But lets refer to this individual as Erik for now.


Erik has been around the open tibia scene for many years now. He made many many short lasting 7.4-7.7 servers. As a result Erik does not have the best reputation and people are skeptical when playing his servers, as a result, forcing him to create new aliases when ever he felt confident in opening one. He even resulted to making new forum accounts to give himself positive opinion due to all the negativity and hate people were expressing towards him on his advertisement threads. Former Otland moderator Leftwing even called him out on it 🙂


His last server, and probably the most controversial was called mastercores. This server, like many before it has been reset multiple times. However,  when Znote and Amoaz decided to join the team the server excelled. You might be wondering, so whats all the fuss about? Well mastercores was actually a very successful server. Probably the most successful Erik ever was involved with.
The online count eventually rose to almost 600 players.


What lead to the server being successful but eventfully closed? I talked to both Znote and Amoaz ,and they gave me inside info on the server, why it got closed and Erik.
(Full convos are available at the end of this post)


Znote: Well, Erik made a revolutionary good OT server, and he was the first one to use custom experience tables which works similar to exp stages. Instead of using high stages he reduced exp table requirements for levels. This resulted in way better OT performance. Many high stage OTs have a big problem when it comes to CPU load, because of massive damage and experience calculations. By reducing experience for level, instead of just increase experience with stages, he was able to create exp stages without stressing server with big calculations. This is what allowed him to have such a “highexp serv” without having performance issues.


However when Znote first got involved, there were many problems with the server.
Znote: There was several problems with mastercores tho, unstable engine, website vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks and server hardware to handle big attacks.

Since the server was ran on windows, Znote was given the task of converting the server to run on linux.

Znote: The distribution he used was Avesta, which did not have any native Linux support. And thats where I came into the project, I converted the sources to work in an Linux. And from that time I was working together with him, being in charge of handling the linux server. Working with security and optimal performance. All the haters and bad reputation lead to him being an interesting target for hackers.


When Znote started to work with Erik, and the online count rose and server became more succesful, as a result, several people started to ddos and hack the server. This forced the server to be reset, making many people unhappy.


[19:38] <Znote> I have confirmed hacking attempts on the server from Nottinghester~, after noticing through logs that he was sniffing around attempting to hack the website the same way we got hacked the first time.
[19:38] <Znote> But I don’t hold any grudges against him, its our fault the website was vulnerable, not his.
[19:39] <Znote> And because of him I kinda became a security genious. =D
[19:40] <Znote> For me there was no loss, only experience. Erik however was the one biting the dust and suffering from the hacking attempts.
[19:44] <Znote> He have not admitted that he is the hacker, and chances are there was multiple hackers. However I have confirmed with the logs and IP that several hacking attempts are directly connected to him. Since I am a global moderator on I have access to view all IPs connected to all accounts there.


As a result, Znote and Erik decided to hire Amoaz to help them make their server more secure.
Znote: Yeah, thats later on, when the mastercores had been hacker multiple times and I have verified that nothing was wrong with the server itself when it comes to hacking. And I found multiple potential holes in the websites, we needed someone with greater knowledge with website security, and thats where I got in contact with Amoaz.


I talked to Amoaz to get his side perspective 🙂

[20:50] <Amoaz> it all started with (as you might already know) they asked me to help them securing the website
[20:37] <Amoaz> I still have no clue who hacked it or why, since I arrived into the project after that, and it never happened again after my service
[20:38] <Amoaz> Also, pretty much whole site was an exploit, since Erik had made it himself with very poor knowledge
[20:53] <Amoaz> I did my part, spent 2-3 days almost 24 hours a day testing different methods on their site
[20:53] <Amoaz> Ive never had to put down so much work on a single server


After Amoaz secured the website, there were no more hacking incidents. However, that did not matter, because Erik himself wanted the server to fail.


[20:56] <Amoaz> Erik was always very arrogant imo, for example me and Znote pretty much ran the community alone and Erik worked on the hardware, but he still refused to hear our opinions regarding it
[20:58] <Amoaz> I charged 20 euros at that time for my service, and they (or Erik) promised me more if I actually managed to make it unhackable
[20:58] <Amoaz> When the server then started, everything went very smooth
[20:58] <Amoaz> No problems with the website and no hacking attacks against it
[20:59] <Amoaz> Im was kinda passive since I was happy with the server, the community and being a staff member of the OT, but I always thought about his words about paying me more
[21:00] <Amoaz> After 2-3 weeks I started asking him some questions about how much he made of the server etc, and he never really answered it, kinda dodged it
[21:00] <Amoaz> Then all of a sudden, he showed up (after not being online for 2-3 days) and gave me and Znote the cold hand
[21:01] <Amoaz> The server is going to close because of the mail he had received from “CipSoft”
Please respond to the sender directly regarding this issue.Also, please reply to this email in the next 48 hours to confirm you =
have received it. Failure to respond could lead to the suspension of =
your account.Begin forwarded message:> From: Stephan Vogler <>
> Subject: Takedown notice,
> Date: March 6, 2012 9:49:06 AM PST
> To:
> We, Cipsoft GmbH, are the owner of the trademark “Tibia”. Widespread
> use of the Tibia trade mark has been made in the field of exploitation
> of massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, to the extent that
> this trademark has acquired an extensive reputation and goodwill.
> The Tibia trademark is, accordingly, also a well-known mark for all
> relevant purposes of trademark law.
> It has come to our attention that our trademark is being used
> marketing a competitive massively multiplayer online roleplaying game
> utilizing the domain name “”, hosted on IP addresses:
> (port 80, 7171, 7172)
> Despite previous cease and desist notices, our copyright and trademark
> remain infringed upon. The offender utilizes anonymous DNS hosters and
> WHOIS privacy services to masquarade his true identity.=20
> This trademark is confusingly and/or deceptively similar to our Tibia
> trademark and also constitutes a reproduction or imitation thereof.
> (United Kingdom Trade Marks Act 1994). In the circumstances, your use
> of the Tibia trademark will constitute an infringement of our civil
> and common law rights.
> In addition to the trademark violation, said internet website is
> flagrantly violating international copyright laws by distributing
> content (“MMORPG maps”) upon which the intellectual property is ours.
> In the circumstances, we demand that you immediately:
> 1. Immediately suspend the account(s) associated with the hostnames
> ‘’ and ‘’.
> 2. Keep on record any and all information in your custody or =
> pertaining the identity of the account holder utilizing said
> hostnames, including but not limited to his full name, payment
> records and logfiles.
> This is written without prejudice to our rights, all of which are
> hereby expressly reserved.
> Yours faithfully,
> Stephan V=F6gler
> Cipsoft GmbH
[21:01] <Amoaz> He seemed kinda freaked, and me and Znote tried to calm him down, telling im its possible to create such fakemails pretty easy
[21:02] <Amoaz> Erik didnt care about our thoughts once again (“He were the one facing HUGE amounts of law costs”) and shutted the server down, only five minutes after he had recived and read it
[21:03] <Amoaz> And thats pretty much the end of mastercores
[21:03] <Amoaz> I never heard anyone admiting to have sent the mail
[21:03] <Amoaz> But I would love to hear who did it (im not mad, but I just still think it was Erik himself who had fabricated it )


The email was indeed a fake, many people proved it by checking the creation of the domain, which turned out to have been crated a few hours before being sent to Erik.
[21:04] <Amoaz> Server shut down, erik dissapeared forever
[21:04] <Amoaz> Deleted me (and znote?) from Skype
[21:04] <Amoaz> We had a conversation like the day after about what would happend now
[21:04] <Amoaz> (all three of us)
[21:05] <Amoaz> and Erik said he was done with everything related to Tibia
[21:05] <Amoaz> he had met a new nice girl that he wanted to spend time with and take care of his real-life
[21:06] <Amoaz> I still only got 20 euros
[21:06] <Amoaz> And I was so mad at the time (I knew he must”ve made loads of cash out of Znote and me)
[21:06] <Amoaz> So me and Znote decided “ohwell atleast we could have the sources for the project”
[21:06] <Amoaz> And guess what
[21:07] <Amoaz> Erik asks us for a payment of 500 euros
[21:07] <Amoaz> to use those files and host a new mastercores
[21:08] <Amoaz> im not sure if Znote had backup of the files, or if Erik actually agree’d to postphone the “payment” until we could afford it
[21:09] <Amoaz> he didnt only use me and Znote
[21:09] <Amoaz> but he wasnt even man enough to hand over the project to us
[21:12] <Amoaz> Server ended almost 30 days after it started
[21:12] <Amoaz> Erik told us he had paid for the dedicated for two months
[21:13] <Amoaz> But when we asked for more files or if we perhaps could use that host to revive it again (putting Znote as the owner and him completly out of the picture)
[21:13] <Amoaz> he just told us he couldnt access the server for some reason, and blamed the hosting company for the issues
[21:13] <Amoaz> He said all files that were stored there couldnt be recovered
[21:14] <Amoaz> Such as the database (which we were most intressted in) since we didnt want to reset again
[21:14] <Amoaz> But erik gave us no choice, as he didnt let us get it


After Erik supposedly got the letter, Znote decided to contact Erik one last time in an effort to keep the project going. But he never replied.


[21:24] <Amoaz> Znote wrote to Erik
[21:24] <Amoaz> the same day server went down
[21:29] <Amoaz> His grandpa passed only some days after mastercores shut down
[21:30] <Amoaz> and he had to leave for awhile
[21:30] <Amoaz> people thought he just wanted to dissapear aswell
[21:30] <Amoaz> Which imo is very sad


So it looks like Erik made enough money from the server and decided to close it. Logical? not really, he could have many lots more is he continued the project. But with over 600 active players and reasonable donations, Erik made more than he ever though he could.


[19:36] <Znote> And the rumour that Erik resetted the server multiple times because he wanted to earn money is utter bullshit. If he would be able to run a server stable without any resets he would doubtless have earned way more money.


So who is Erik? Well according to Amoaz, his name might not even be Erik.


[21:20] <Amoaz> his name is not erik btw
[21:20] <Amoaz> as so many people may think


And if you recently looked, the domain has been redirected to a facebook profile that states that mastercores is coming back soon. So should we expect Erik to comeback soon? Things are looking like it.



Click HERE for full convos between Me, Znote, and Amoaz. They talk about a lot more than just mastercores!


*_ Talaturen and Otland.Net _*

Meet Talaturen 🙂

He has been credited with keeping the OT community alive by creating The Forgotten Server and his own forum He is 20 years old and lives in Stockholm. He studied computer programming in high school until 2010 when he graduated. Currently, he is working and earning his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at Stockholm University. He got interested in Tibia in 2003 and is active in its development to this day. He started designing his own engine in 2006 and to this day it is still being designed and updated.

The main objective of this post is to give a preview of how and why Otland was started, and why Talaturen is well known today.

Talaturen used to be an active and one of the most contributing administrators on Otfans. However, due to disagreements and differences between the staff he got demoted and eventually banned in 2006. (Keep reading for his explanation)

People can only speculate as to what happened for the Otfans staff and Talaturen to split but the Otfans staff surely were voicing their side of the story. The started to accuse him of different wrongdoings without any proof.

In 2007 he decided to start his own forum, he quickly gained members because he was, along with ELF, the developer of TFS which most ot tibian members were using. After his departure, he later had a disagreement with Xinn, who is the owner of As a result, Talaturens server, along with several other servers who were using The Forgotten Server distro got banned. This was unjust because the majority of people find a server they wish to play through the website otservlist.

Things went down hill even further when another site, called OTS-List had risen up with the same layout as and was affiliated with Talaturen and Otland. Since The forgotten server was not allowed to be promoted on that website Xinn‘s website, this new advertisement site was getting more popular.

As a result, Talaturen started writing a code into his TFS that wont allow anyone who uses it to submit their server to, and indirectly contributing to the new websites, OTs-list popularity.

 Furthermore, both parties started accusing each other of DDosing  websites. Xinn’s website was also the victim of DDos attacks. Use google to find specific threads and theories on the Ddos attacks and the long accusations that follow.

Members on both Otland and Otfans posted their opinions about the situation and their theories.

Xinn banned one of his servers because of dataspoofing, which was ‘true’ but, something got wrong with, and had nothing to do with us.
After waiting over 3 weeks of trying to contact Xinn about the issue, he banned the other two servers as well, with the reason
After another few weeks of trying to contact him, Talaturen gave up, and wrote this code instead.
And i know Talaturen irl, and we talked alot about this issue before he even thought of writing the code.


As a result the Otfans staff further split their ties with Otland and to this day the relationship has been negatory

The following is an interview I conducted with Talaturen trying to get his side of the story.

1. Why did you decide to start
Talaturen:After multiple conflicts with the staff on OTFans, I decided that they weren’t worth my time anymore and with the people I had supporting me I was confident that we could simply put OTFans behind us and start a new community that I would have full control of.

Look where we are today, probably the most popular OpenTibia forum still moving forward while OTFans has been pulling desperate moves (announcing false information about me with over 20 pages of OTFans members showing off how immature they can be, displaying ads, blaming the community and claiming that Tibia is dying) just to stay alive instead of addressing the issues that put them in the situation they are in (inactive staff, inactive developers, removal of the Wiki, etc.). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate OTFans and I don’t want it to die (I even donated a significant amount to OTFans compared to what they normally get from donations a few months ago because I want it to stay online) but I don’t see them putting effort into keeping it alive. Restructuring the forum or whatever they are up to right now is definitely not going to help, their staff needs to get involved in OpenTibia. Zisly seems to be their only staff member who has realized that.

2. What made you stop being a Moderator on OTfans?
Talaturen:I got into a conflict with Runar who was a global moderator on OTFans at that time. I was trying to tell the community that ghettobird (a member who claimed to be a girl, and to have commited suicide) was a fake. I don’t remember exactly how I did that, but it lead to a conflict with Runar who I think was in love with ghettobird (too bad it was a boy). My moderator position ended with me creating a thread exposing the truth about Runar and ghettobird. The thread was being locked/deleted and I used my last minutes as a moderator to unlock/undelete it. It was later revealed that what I was trying to tell the community was the truth (I think he admitted it), but of course that wouldn’t get me my moderator position back.

3.  Do you know who was responsible for the DDOS attacks on otland and otfans when you first made otland?
Talaturen:I think both sites have been under attack multiple times by different people, I don’t think it has been the same person attacking either site everytime.

4. Can you explain what TFS(theForgottenServer) is and the history behind it?
Talaturen:The Forgotten Server is a project based on OpenTibia. The project was started by me in early 2007, and is still being maintained (mostly the 0.2 branch) by me today. There have been contributions to the project from a lot of people, which has somewhat speeded up the development but also put us in bad situations. Elf has probably made the most significant contributions to The Forgotten Server, but now that he left there isn’t really anyone experienced enough to maintain what he left behind and I don’t know how the future looks for the 0.3/0.4/trunk series.

5. In the early version of TFS did you add a code that prevented a server from being added to OTServlist?
Talaturen:It wasn’t in an early version. It was in 2009, where xinn was unjustifiedly banning servers from his serverlist and was impossible to talk with so I was making a statement.

6. Did you ever resolve your problems with Xinn?
Talaturen:Yes, we had a chat and got to an agreement.

7. In 2007 you, with several others developed the server Radonia? Can you explain what the server was and why did you decide to do it?
Talaturen:Correct. Radonia was a low-rate RPG server project which was lead by Souldrainer. I was very impressed by the mapping and storyline and decided to help, it was up and running a few times but unfortunately it didn’t grow a large playerbase. Souldrainer had a lot of plans in mind, and most of them became real. In the end, his plans went beyond Tibia and even beyond 2D which became overwhelming to me. We actually got pretty far with a 2D client, but then he got into 3D modelling and that is pretty much where it ended for me.

8. Looking back on the past 9-10 years, how has the OTS community changed? Do you think its dying or growing?
Talaturen:It’s not dying, but in the last years it has been going towards the wrong direction and I intend to steer it back in the right direction by rewarding users who contribute and further restricting the marketplace.

9. How long do you plan on being a part of the OT community? Do you think you will ever grow out of it?
Talaturen:I don’t plan on leaving the OT community anytime soon; I might get tired of it at some point but right now I am happy where I am.

10. Are you and GriZzmo and the other Otfans staff on good terms now?
Talaturen:I wouldn’t say so about the staff I had conflicts with, but I don’t see any conflict between me and GriZzm0.

11. Why do you hate leap seconds so much?:)
Talaturen:That damn leap second… it put a lot of software into weird behaviour, including The Forgotten Server where it caused the scheduler to ignore the delay for new events.

Thank you for reading and Otland rocks! =)

The Story of R.W. aKa Doonrak

This post summarizes the entity that is Ryan West aka Doonark. This infamous guy was well known for his stable old school servers and how he would use them to scam his players.

Ryan has made thousands of euros in a span of 1-2 yeas. 

After getting money thorough in game donations, he sells the server files for a ridicules amount of money with a backdoor and then hacks the server back after a few days.

His most famous server was called, here we see when the server was online represented by the red bar.

Usually he would only host his server for about a month then close it down after it dies down and he made several hundredths euros from it.

One reason why most of the old school tibia community would play his server was because he would ddos all other oldschool servers.

Other domains that he used to host his servers were;

  • Roldera.Net

His servers were succesful because they were stable and bug free. This is the specs he used to host his servers:

  • 2gb ram dualcore
  • 100mbps
  • snort software installed that filters connection through to your main dedi incase of ddos

One example of his scamming  can be seen here when he sold the files to some poor guy called Albrektsson, Jonathan, who made a server called “”. Ryan sold the files and many people decided to play the server as it was 7.4 and bug free. However shortly after the server got hacked and Jonathan decided to try to host the server once again.

Jonathan believing that it was his fault for the hack, decided to put the server on again even though he was warned not to.

Being well aware of Ryan and his actions i knew that people would get fucked over again in a few days when Ryan gets bored.

After getting hacked for the second time I think Jonathan started believing that the files he purchased had a back door.

I was somewhat friendly with Ryan at that time because of the movies I made about his server, he advertised my youtube channel on his advertisement thread, and my movies got him more players so it was a win win relationship.

In this screen he admits that he hacked that poor guys server.

Beside the usual financial scamming, Ryan also made a custom client for his server which he installed a botnet in. Those who played his servers remember how he managed to affect many players through his custom client which later on he would use to ddos his competition.

So who is Ryan ****?
Going off his email: ryan****

This facebook account is registered under that email:****.9634

and this empty photobucket account:
After following the name he used on photobucket, “isroholm” were led to this otfans account:

Here we can see that R.W. (Ryan ****) first started scamming people.

Looking though his history on that Otfans forum account were lead to this myspace account;

Basically this guy been around since 2006, and has been scamming people since 07, just use google to find example’s of people complaining about his scamming and hacking.

After looking through old tibia archives from 2006-2009 I found this post:

So what info do we have about him?

85.146.96.*** (home ip)

Just though I would share this with everyone, anywho this will be my blog now! =)