Tips and Tricks on becoming better in Player vs player

This will be a sort of guide that will hopefully help you become a better player by approaching things in and outside of the game. Okay Lets start.


Ever wonder how some people are able to land 5, 10, even 15 SD’s on you in a row? No they are not ‘botting’, they simply achieved mastery over their controls. So here goes the first tip.

1. Disable Mouse Pointer Precision.

Your mouse is naturally programed to respond to your hand commands. Meaning that if you move your mouse faster with your hand, the faster the cursor will move. This is a big problem when it comes to games that require very accurate mouse aiming. So I will tell you how to remove it so your mouse stays at a constant speed.

1. Press the windows start button, type “Mouse”, and click on your Mouse settings.

2. Go to the tab that says Pointer Options.

3. Disable “Enhance Pointer Precision”

4. Adjust the slider to the 6th notch.


This makes it so that your mouse movement ratio is 1:1 as in, if you move your mouse super fast, it will move at the same speed as if you were moving your mouse super slow. Now your mouse wont be unpredictable and you can grab your runes and aim really easy. This will get time to get used to. But the good news is, you can practice doing it with anything, browsing, watching porn, etc. so after few days you will get used to it.

2. CPL mousefix.

So after you completed tip #1, windows is still a bitch and residual acceleration may still remain. This is where the CPL mousefix comes in. To use the CPL mousefix simply unzip the folder and click on the .reg file and say yes to anything that comes up. All it does is change two lines in your system registry to completely stop all mouse acceleration.

You can download it, (at any of the links)


3. Finding out how good your mouse is.

It is nice to know what your mouse is currently capable of reporting at in windows hrz. This is how many times per second your mouse is updating in windows. The higher the better. A higher mouse rate means smoother cursor movement, and less latency. Basically this program will tell you how decent your mouse is.

You can download it;

4. Removing delay from your keyboard.

Like your mouse, your keyboard needs to have the least amount of delay as possible, using your movement and hotkeys at the right time is a big part of pvp.

1. Go to control Panel

2. Keyboard Properties.

3. Speed Tab.

4. Move the ‘repeat delay’ and ‘repeat rate’ options to the far right.

Now you removed the delay that Windows themselves have saved as their standard amounts.


5. Removing in-game lag.

Moving as fast as possible ingame is probably the most impoertant feature. It makes it harded to be hit and allows you catch others. The following links contain two automated click and run programs that will tune your system to the type of Internet connection used.


6. In-game hotkey tip(thanks to Worr)

Before you setup your hotkeys you should add #s on every new line.


F1: #s exura vita

What it does is to keep your private channels clean during hunts and battles by autosending hotkeys in default channel. When it comes to hotkey layout only you can know what you prefer but everytime I see someone have haste or ultimate explosion on F1 I’m confused. You should keep your important hotkeys close to your hands. Also remember F-keys are lined up four at a time. This makes it easier to find keys without looking. Use this to your advantage and put important hotkeys on F5, F8, F9. For instance I have #s exevo gran mas vis on F5. It’s useful to have waves on two hotkeys. If you have druids water wave on F12, put it on ctrl+F12 too. This makes it easier to do a fast turn and wave. Other useful tips is to have buy and travel hotkeys somewhere on shift or ctrl hotkeys. When you are done with your hotkeys open tibia.cfg in your tibia folder. Find your hotkeys, which should look something like a bunch of lines like this one: Hotkey = (0,”#s utevo vis lux \”hi world\n”). Copy them to another document. If you later want to change to another set of hotkeys you can easy switch back after.

7. Common sense tips

These tips may seem simple, but they are still beneficial in some way.

i. Mute yourself. If your focused on PVP, its good to mute yourself so you wont see yellow text next to your name. It sometimes blocks your health or other vital aspects that are going on around you. Just do ctrl+i and add your name.

ii. Use classic controls. Why? Because you waste less time doing pretty much everything. Click ladders, opening backpacks and many others aspects can be done faster if u do not have to hold down ctrl while doing them. This little amount of time can determine a kill or death for you.

iii. Hide everyone’s name. What do i mean? Well like anything, this game has some psychological aspects involved. Lets say your fighting some godlike player like Gaboneitor, and you seem nervous, just remove all players names. Press CRTL + N and you can trick yourself that you are fighting just another player.

Thats all, hope you found them useful.



One thought on “Tips and Tricks on becoming better in Player vs player

  1. Lots of usefull info here, thank you so very much!
    Will need this for my all day use aswell, not only tibia. good programs i never heard of!

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