Interview with Iryont aka .3lite

Took a few months but here it is 🙂

Iryont has been known for hosting the following servers. Due to the popularity of these servers, he makes perfect sense as someone to interview.


1. When did tibia enter your life?

I’ve started playing Tibia back in 2003/2004 or so, it was version 7.3+. I’ve played on Hiberna and some other servers. But I only had max of 60 level.

2. You were involved in others servers besides the ones you run now, Classic tibia who was run by you and Remere, and also a server called tibianic 7.1?

I was creating Tibianic before even ClassicTibia came out, but when it did come out I’ve stopped working and switched to tibianic 7.1 server just out of fun I guess.
The server went down because there was no point in hosting it, Remere had an option to donate for the server but since people had everything in game for free there was no point in donating.
In the end, basically Remere didn’t like how people acted. It was rather a lack of faith in people.

3. During my research I saw you wrote that you stopped working on tibianic 7.1 due to protocol limits, can you explain more?

It’s more or less about the possibilities which client can provide and in the case of 7.1 client it was very limited, though, it depends what client you would use – the real one (7.1) or newer one with sprites of 7.1 Tibia, in the second case it wouldn’t be a problem.
To be honest I don’t remember exactly what stopped me from working on server with 7.1 client since it was long time ago (like 4 years by now) so I can guess but it was probably something important or I just abandoned it for possibility to launch and focus on 7.4 server.

4. How did you start on Tibianic 7.4?

I believe I took the 8.x source files from the trunk and just started working on them downgrading the protocol. I believe it was right after CT went down, so I would say it’s way over 2 years by now.

5. You made everything by your self? All aspects of the server?

I had to, I’m kind of person who doesn’t like working with others too much.

6. You opened tibianic 7.4 in 2010, how was the beginning like?

I guess I had several problems back then since it was basically first test over large group of people.

7. Did you use Denni’s files?

Not his files exactly (realots + customs things) but rather a clean Cipsoft server with my own work.

8. How long do you plan on hosting realots?

As long as there will be people willing to play it, though, the current version is already offline – I will be moving all characters to my own server due to all the problems with the original one.

9. How long do you expect people to play it?

I have no idea but it’s pretty much up to them if this server will be a long-term server or not because you can’t just stop playing the server and expect it to be on-line forever, you are the one who is keeping the server up and running.

10. Why do you believe it is better to have multiple servers rather than just one?

If you are capable to run several servers then why wouldn’t you do it? It’s about the fact that not everyone wants to play a low rate server, some guys just want to have fun rather than spending a lot of time on training or gaining experience.

11. How does realots and tibianic differ from each other?

The game play differences aren’t enough? More powerful mages due to wands and rods and pretty much a lot of other things? If not, then I suppose there isn’t much difference expect the rates.

10. How much longer do you think you will be interested in tibia?

The time I’ve been working on Open Tibia I consider as time I’ve spent to learn things especially when I was (practically I still am) an OT developer – working on something like that with a lot of smart people like Remere even if you do it for free gives you the great experience which will be valuable for you in future and if you are smart enough the knowledge you gain during the time you spent on it will help you in real life to get a decent job.

How long will I be interested in Tibia? Well, I’m not really interested in Tibia at all but it gives me great pleasure to keep my oldest server up and running for the people playing there.

11. What do you think the open tibia community will look like in 2 years? 5 years?

I guess it will eventually die out, unless there will be more developers to work on Open Tibia because nowadays there is practically no active person left.

12. I see that you and remere were the last ones remaining to keep updating the sourceforge open tibia software.

There aren’t many developers right now.
I was only updating some critical bugs.
I’ve never added any feature or something like that.
I was rather making the server more stable


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