Interview with Vateriel from Unit – [Titania]

Got a hold of Patrik aka Vateriel from Unit. Besides giving me an interview, he also provided me with many Unit tibiacams. If your not familiar with him, just use tibiawiki or google. He was the leader of Unit, one of the most famous guilds on Tibia.

Unit was mostly known for being unbeaten in wars, and being the first guild to kill Orshabaal and Morgaroth in Tibia. Vateriel was also the first person to kill all demons in the Anhilator quest and solo demon helmet quest.

Here we go 🙂


How and when did you start with tibia?
I started playing tibia in 1998. Back then there were no broadband and everyone used modems. So we had a very popular internet café in our city where most people went after school, not only to play but also just to hang around to talk.
Either way, there were two guys who were playing tibia there and eventually more and more people tried it out. All of a sudden we all played it and it was pretty much the only game everyone played
I actually started playing there on my own, but later on I found out that two real life friends (Wayne Silver and Rostein) played there aswell.

Can you tell me your favorite moment during your time in Unit?
Oh that’s a hard one.. There were so many good moments. But if I had to choose one I’d probably say when we had a gathering in real life at my house.Even Damyn and Dante Dreamweaver came all the way from Germany. It was nice to put faces to the people I got to know so well ingame. That was in 2003. I’m not sure how long before that we got to know eachother, but it was probably a year or two.

Can you explain how you guys started the guild unit? and how it developed?
When I got Gaura to play seriously on Titania we decided to make a guild with strict rules and limited recruitment to be able to control what was going on. We never wanted a big mass recruited bunch of people that we couldn’t count on when we needed it. I can’t really remember exactly how things went on and how we got the people we ended up with into Unit. It feels like they were there from the start, even if I know they weren’t

Whats your ingame favorite moment?
That must have been getting server first level 100 for sure

You guys were first to kill orshabaal, how did u come up with the tactic?
if I remember right Rostein came up with it on his own long before Orshabaal even spawned

                                                                                                                                             You guys were one of the first to use ventrilo, do you think that contributed to ur success?                                                                                                                                     Definetly. Being able to talk to eachother and give direct orders in real time without having to write it together with Gaura’s brilliant tactics were the keys to our success

What would you say was the most intense moment, any specific wars or battles? What moments stood out?
It was so long ago, so it’s hard to remember which battles were more intense than others. But all the open battles we had stands out very much
As the people we were against always had at least three times more people than us there
all the interesting PvP moments we had are already on youtube 🙂

When wayne silver made the movie, did you notice Units popularity rise? or what u think contributed to its popularity?
Yeah well the thing is that this was 7-9 years ago 😛 so I can’t really remember that many details but
yes definitely. We got a lot more attention after Wayne Silver’s movie. After that I guess we just got more and more people enjoying the way we played 🙂

What do you remember the most?

Haha what I remember most about is how some people in Unit always tried to powerabuse time after time. Always having to keep them in line haha. It Mostly Johnny Gunsy and Joel Backman.. For the money

                                                                                                                                                                                                         why did unit split up?                                                                                                                                                                                                            There are many versions about that As I said many people kept trying to power abuse etc, do things we didn’t stand for. When it was both me and Gaura leading we could depend on each other, we always had the other ones back. But when I stopped playing everything was up to him to sort things out, he never had anyone to back him up the way I did. So eventually Unit split up into two groups and after awhile they left to make Correctional Facility.

Why did you decide to spot playing?
I was getting tired of it and World of Warcraft was just released

              You attempted Anhilator 3 times right?

Yes but me and Rostein were the first people in Annihilator to kill all demons
  We sacrificed Wasosky to make it happen
Paid him to die We had him standing behind Rostein, with me and wayne Silver behind them


What do you attributed your success in team fights?

Before every single battle would occur. Gaura had tactics at every single key location
If we needed an escape, we knew where to go
We went around the world and had marks on our maps at certain places, incase we would get separated from eachother
If we said for example “meet at the cross” everyone knew exactly where to go
We had practices how we would set up our positions in Fibula, MoLS, deeper Fibula, Edron, Cyclopolis etc
Everything was planned beforehand and everyone knew what to do, just because of Gaura’s intelligence and strategies
There were no uncertainties when it came to what we would do when we had a battle
If we had a battle at some location, everyone knew where to go when we retreated, at what position to stand in to protect us as well as we could
If you look at Wayne Silver’s movie you can see an example at Cyclopolis
*Everything* was already prepared for before anything even happened
Because of Gaura
People outside of Unit has no idea of how intelligent Gaura actually is. How his strategies won our wars, how our sneak attacks were set up

Thanks for reading:)!


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