Interview with Daniel Peña Vazquez (BlackD)

BlackD, who has been around the Tibia scene for more than ten years was kind enough to provide me with an interview.

He talked about several subjects such as his bot, the deleted character Messiah,  and even his relationship with CIP.

Here we go 🙂

Whats the story behind Messiah? Was he your character? Why was he deleted many years ago?

Well, I started to share it with my evil brother, and then he started killing everybody. Then Cipsoft invented the skull system and the autodeletion after some deaths
That also killed Tibia
The skull system is the real problem of Tibia nowadays
All the kills were considered justified before the automatic system – as long you could give a reason to a gm about the kill. Even if the reason was “he killed my wolf”
in fact, my brother killed a lot of people only because they killed a wolf that was always attacking him while he hunted (it was like a pet)
after the skull sytem, the machine does not accept that as a justified reason.

(If you are interested in more about the story about Messiah HERE is an interview conducted 7 years ago by tibiahispano.)

 You started developing your bot in 2007? You programmed it?

I designed it for a handicapped friend. He lost 1 hand, so it was very hard to play Tibia for him.
Just some basic automations in a first place and I guess I have better skill than the average programmer. 
Making a bot is not really hard, but it takes a lot of time.

 It became popular and you started selling it?

                       In first place I didn’t want the bot to become so popular. But many people was telling me that they wanted to pay whatever it cost to have it so I started selling it. I think I sold it from 2008 to 2010. I took it seriously because you must give your best for your customers.

You also run a gold service?

Well, I played several servers, so I had a little world trade service. World trades gives a lot of gold after some transactions. Then I also had a few people interested in buying gold for real money. At the end I only had to set a web for both things and it works like a charm. You start with only a few servers, but later you start filling the gaps, forcing world trades to the gaps. I always give big bonus to the world trades that goes in my desired direction.
And that is legal – no doubt. It is not even against any Tibia rule. Cipsoft tolerates it as long you don’t do advertisement inside game. I never do advertisement there. If you see someone spamming in depots that is other person, and probably a scammer.I never used cavebot for making gold. In fact I only do the minimum tests with cavebot, nothing else. Anyways you can’t make big gold from cavebot, really.
The big gold comes from worldtrades.
Ant that is around 5.000KK/year
(that is , 500.000 crystal coins / year)

How do you run your business, does anyone help you?

I do almost everything myself – worldtrades, sales, delivery, design of the web, marketing …
I have a few volunteer moderators for my forums
and when I am overloaded my brother help me a bit with the emails
but technically I am not a company. I am only a sole trader. A legal sole trader without company.

What does a regular day look like for you?

Depends of the day… I am a bit lazy. If I have a lazy day then I play World of Warcraft all the day while I deliver gold in background as soon my system notify a new paid order.
If I feel smart then I go programming all the day while I deliver gold in background (that is a common part of my standard day)

Any favorite stories about your relationship with CIP?

 Good, I remember Guido teleporting to our guildhall for some chat, and tp to the gm island, and Guido summoning us a dragon in our druid-multiclient-farm, and a funny incident with my brother buying premium account by gold. The buyer cancelled the payment and Guido deleted him and had some chat with my brother about it. Guido didn’t know about that market.
now Cipsoft is making big money selling premium by gold (premium scrolls).

Did you have any legal problems?

I am not an expert in laws, really. Maybe there are no problems at all. But Neobot was a very successful bot and he stopped selling it because he said there was a new law. That is all I know really. Anyways my bot was giving me very few profit so it is not worth the risk.  Now -technically – I not selling it. I give it for free.Nowadays I give it for free because I don’t want problems with the new laws But it is still there for the people who need a bot badly.  I always warn that you can get deleted for using it, but a lot people want to use it anyways.Customers ask you for a lot of improvements and new features all the time. Too much stress. Nowadays that is not my business. I just give the tools for free, and I only do minor updates.

What is

I didn’t create it… I just bought the web because the original owner had to focus in his family. It was a cheap price, and my server had enough resources for around 100 webs more, so it didn’t mean any extra maintenance cost… A sure profit.
but then the tibiacam maker disappeared
I worked with him
but one day he just disappeared
he does not answer emails anymore
he does not update his tool
now we don’t have tibiacams…
so have few users now.
For the average person it is very hard to record tibia videos without the tibiacam tool.
we had a tool that recorded small .cam files. but it is not updated anymore
it does not work with latest Tibia version.

Do you still play tibia? What do you think about CIP opening and 7.4-7.72 server?

I must admit that I played Tibia recently, up to level 90 (more or less)
In one of the new preview servers
But I expected to see changes
like no-skull system
or somekind of rollbacks to the good old Tibia
They changed nothing yet
So I stopped playing it
Now I only play WoW
I think that they would hate to do that… but such servers would be a big success, no doubt.

Any last comments?

well, I just want to state that now my main business is selling Tibia gold. And -just in case someone didn’t notice it yet- my web is    🙂

Thank you a lot for the interview!


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