Is Tibia and Open Tibia on the decline?

We are all aware that we are part of something that is slowly becoming extinct. The game tibia as we know is dying due to several reasons. The golden years of this game are long gone, and the people who are left are a small community.

We see in Google trends that tibia today has as much interest as it had in 2004, meaning before this game even had a skull system or the city of Ankrahmun.

We also see that in December of ’07, tibia was at its most popular time.  Tibia was 8.1 version at that time, and the emergence of what CIP had stored for the future has shown its roots. Shortly after, CIP got rid of all gamemasters, made the game-play super easy and made all aspects of what made tibia the game what it was extinct.

Websites such tibianews now generate almost zero traffic, while many other forums like WOT gave up on tibia and decided to stop hosting.

According to CIP’s website, the maximum on all game worlds together was 64028 players on Nov 28 2007, 19:26:00 CET.

Compare that with todays 27942 Players Online. And how many of them are cavebotters? Maybe 70%? That’s still 1/3 of what the online number was 5 years ago.

So what about 5 years from now?

Who knows, But as more people grow displeased with Tibia, more people are attracted to open tibia.

  According to otserv, Right now here are 26288 players online on 825 servers. That’s almost the same amount as normal Tibia.

Now im not saying that Open tibia is growing, its actually the opposite. You can see that the search for open tibia server’s is drastically declining as well.

However we see that the search term otland is constantly changing and is unpredictable.

But we all know which direction this is all headed. As people are getting older and moving on with their life, the more they lose interest in this game. The people who stuck around, especially those who played the 6.4-7.8v clients, are people who are irreplaceable and are keeping the community moving forward.

We see that the open tibia community is comprised mostly of countries from Poland, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil and Mexico.

So lets think about this logically. The people who played versions such as 7.6 in 2005, were most probably between the ages of 11 to 18. That was almost seven years ago. So these same people, the ones who stuck around that is, are now between the age of 18 to 25. As time passes by, these same people will lose more interest in and old 2D game that died long time ago.

So what I’m saying is, open tibia is a community that will eventually die. There are only a handful of individuals who are contributing to its growth through coding, hosting, or writing, other members are just using easy “click and run” files to open servers and gain profit.

Can anything be done to prevent the inevitable? Well I can only think of one thing to make this game more popular again. And that is for CIP to open an “old school” server, however CIP already addressed this issue several times HERE and said it will not do it.

Thats all, stay black tibians.


My tibiacams from 2008-2012

Since I’ve been getting nagged about old tibiacams, i uploaded them all on my sky-drive. Just read the read me file first, it explains which client version is needed for each pack.