How i started with tibia movies?

I’m sure we all seen the popular tibia movies such as “Toxic Fire” or “Sorc at War”, I remember seeing them when they first came out and how awesome it would be to make something like that.

Then a few years later in 2008 I was playing Outcast, and a friend of mine named Trick Trick made a pretty killer WMV. I decided to ask him how he did it and gave making my own wmv a try. He told me the program names, and gave me some tips and walla.

I did a horrible job, I just wanted to try it. Its still uploaded on youtube lol (Back then i used alias Grimy/Death)

I went on to make a few more crappy (but not as bad) ones before starting my youtube channel.

Then after quitting outcast and moving to, I decided to make some practice films before I actually I made a movie. Once i got some basic knowledge of Vegas, I made a youtube channel and uploaded my first movie.

Rest was history, i made many many more. In fact, about 35 more. Since people seemed to enjoy them, and I would get decent view amount, i continued to do them.

Even though its not worth the time and effort to do them, its fun to re watch old movies you made.

If you want to know how to start, just youtube sony vegas tutorials, that how i learned. But you should not use Vegas like many people do, its not as easy as these other new programs that offer the same result.

But here are some programs that can be used.

Sony Vegas (For editing)

Adobe After Effects (For recording tibia screens)

Adobe Premire (For editing)

Snagit (For recording tibia screens)

Fraps (For recording tibia screens)

Anyway, after making a few Oldera movies more people started making tibia movies and they’re awesome at it (check them out)

And feel free to look at my other channels that are not really tibia related

P.S. I got 4 tibia movies on this account too;


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