Funny chat with Ryan

If your not familiar with Ryan , please check out THIS previous post.
After more than a year of inactivity I got a hold of Ryan. And had a nice visit down memory lane 🙂

When did you open your first OTS?

Ryan says

i opened a xml server fast attk speed servers was the trend back then
i called it doria or w.e. not sure had like 60 steady players
only online for around 5 hrs a day when i was on my dads pc
back then nobdoy had dedicated servs and shit
just all home servs and trying to get on ur favorite serv asap it goes on

You once had a lvling service?

Ryan says
all goldservice/lvlingservices were scams
as they were always paid through daopay
once i had my servs making money
i could pay for anything
a botnet, a hacker, programmers etc
and was around 15-16 so just wanna be internethero and pulled off a good job i think

You spread yout botnet through the Oldera client?

Ryan says
some people i just hated and i would let them know
no was a false rport on asprate’s ipchanger
which still reports having trojans in it
cuz of the auto updater
botnet was growing via warez forums posting so called cracks and purchasing more bots from more experienced herders

You Paid for your botnet? Who did you Ddos?

Ryan says
yea 100mbps lines have used them a while back
on oldtibia and some 7.4/7.6 from some gay
not sure
but just ddosed him because he noted rules on his website “the law is u dont ddos or i get police on u blabla”
ddosed tibianic, realots, otland a few times
for concurrention but purely for fun

Were the Oldera files, the CIP stolen files?

Ryan says
partly yes
started more at narozia
there used to be a old otbm released
without monsters quests and shit, cipsoft’s map
so we began tracking it
thats how narozia started 900 online average players
so we got konrad (remere)
converting all the shit
the exe was made by
open tibia svn 0.7.3
konrad owner tibianic
i was about starting classicalia with him but some things got in the way
yes his files are based on my files
he just perfected everything, props to him though

If they are not 100% CIP stolen files, how did he get all the minors details right?

Ryan says
partly perfecting himself
and prolly getting files from one and another
sim_one from simone’s mapeditor owns all files
toor also from realots
and remere a part of that
so one of those gave some files too him
most likely
that are only real owners of cipsoft files
as i recall
but cipsoft files are hard to use raw, we had to convert all npcs for an instance
as they were in cipsoft’s formatting thus not useable out of the box

Who are the original owners of the files?

Ryan says
toor original owner
or well cipsoft is original owner but toor had access to a gameserver back in the days
when everything loginserv etc was hosted on 1/2 server
most likely via via
toor has knowledge to actually extract files and such
infamous gm/or inside guy most likely didnt know shit bout computers

sim_one signed a legal contract
not distributing the files though

Why do you believe people will buy your files if they have a back door?

Ryan says
im not forcing or begging for someone to buy
buying is under my terms and ofc i know about my name
they are valueable files

You plan on coming back anytime soon?

Ryan says
no not rly
i can host for people
but not really into creating and maintaining server
as in fixing mapbugs npcs smallbugs etc

You still got access to that dedicenter in NL? You used snort to protect your former servers?

Ryan says
snort used to be on a server filteringall connections
to main serv
back in narozia days due lotsa ddosing
now its software on the mainserv
blocking some dos scriptkiddie shits
but if someone wants he can get the serv down

How did you get all this technical knowledge?

Ryan says
been into computers since ive been 9 or so
i was 15 yrs old making 100 eur a day
not good for a child
i dont value money properly atm
dont work because i dont feel like cuz i used to get moneys for free

The money from OTS?

Ryan says
narozia was peak days
900 users online a day
if we did offer we d made 350eur~
like 50% discount
all by daopay, when daopay still paid normal payout

How did you get started with hacking?

i was 8 hrs a day online 12 yrs straight in weekends
just got in touch with specific people
some russian fellows
dont do hackkiddie forums its a load of bs
with only trojans on it they first ddosed narozia
asking kinda ransom or w.e. u call it
to not ddos, and it was a big ddos

Ryan says
we started as a kinda enemy relation
then i started using his services
and get more involved etc
still talk him occasianelly

You got banned from OTland for ddosing it?

Ryan says
no just for being dick and most wanted on otland
all threads i started was flamewar

Sammy NSC says
mind if i make this convo public?

Ryan says
prolly they wont believe its me though

Sammy NSC says
why not?

Ryan says
nobody ever believes
im real ryan balabla

Full msn convo:


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