*_ Talaturen and Otland.Net _*

Meet Talaturen 🙂

He has been credited with keeping the OT community alive by creating The Forgotten Server and his own forum Otland.net. He is 20 years old and lives in Stockholm. He studied computer programming in high school until 2010 when he graduated. Currently, he is working and earning his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at Stockholm University. He got interested in Tibia in 2003 and is active in its development to this day. He started designing his own engine in 2006 and to this day it is still being designed and updated.

The main objective of this post is to give a preview of how and why Otland was started, and why Talaturen is well known today.

Talaturen used to be an active and one of the most contributing administrators on Otfans. However, due to disagreements and differences between the staff he got demoted and eventually banned in 2006. (Keep reading for his explanation)

People can only speculate as to what happened for the Otfans staff and Talaturen to split but the Otfans staff surely were voicing their side of the story. The started to accuse him of different wrongdoings without any proof.

In 2007 he decided to start his own forum, he quickly gained members because he was, along with ELF, the developer of TFS which most ot tibian members were using. After his departure, he later had a disagreement with Xinn, who is the owner of otservlist.org. As a result, Talaturens server, along with several other servers who were using The Forgotten Server distro got banned. This was unjust because the majority of people find a server they wish to play through the website otservlist.

Things went down hill even further when another site, called OTS-List had risen up with the same layout as otservlist.org and was affiliated with Talaturen and Otland. Since The forgotten server was not allowed to be promoted on that website Xinn‘s website, this new advertisement site was getting more popular.

As a result, Talaturen started writing a code into his TFS that wont allow anyone who uses it to submit their server to http://otservlist.org/, and indirectly contributing to the new websites, OTs-list popularity.

 Furthermore, both parties started accusing each other of DDosing  websites. Xinn’s website was also the victim of DDos attacks. Use google to find specific threads and theories on the Ddos attacks and the long accusations that follow.

Members on both Otland and Otfans posted their opinions about the situation and their theories.

Xinn banned one of his servers because of dataspoofing, which was ‘true’ but, something got wrong with OTServlist.org, and had nothing to do with us.
After waiting over 3 weeks of trying to contact Xinn about the issue, he banned the other two servers as well, with the reason
After another few weeks of trying to contact him, Talaturen gave up, and wrote this code instead.
And i know Talaturen irl, and we talked alot about this issue before he even thought of writing the code.


As a result the Otfans staff further split their ties with Otland and to this day the relationship has been negatory

The following is an interview I conducted with Talaturen trying to get his side of the story.

1. Why did you decide to start Otland.net?
Talaturen:After multiple conflicts with the staff on OTFans, I decided that they weren’t worth my time anymore and with the people I had supporting me I was confident that we could simply put OTFans behind us and start a new community that I would have full control of.

Look where we are today, probably the most popular OpenTibia forum still moving forward while OTFans has been pulling desperate moves (announcing false information about me with over 20 pages of OTFans members showing off how immature they can be, displaying ads, blaming the community and claiming that Tibia is dying) just to stay alive instead of addressing the issues that put them in the situation they are in (inactive staff, inactive developers, removal of the Wiki, etc.). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate OTFans and I don’t want it to die (I even donated a significant amount to OTFans compared to what they normally get from donations a few months ago because I want it to stay online) but I don’t see them putting effort into keeping it alive. Restructuring the forum or whatever they are up to right now is definitely not going to help, their staff needs to get involved in OpenTibia. Zisly seems to be their only staff member who has realized that.

2. What made you stop being a Moderator on OTfans?
Talaturen:I got into a conflict with Runar who was a global moderator on OTFans at that time. I was trying to tell the community that ghettobird (a member who claimed to be a girl, and to have commited suicide) was a fake. I don’t remember exactly how I did that, but it lead to a conflict with Runar who I think was in love with ghettobird (too bad it was a boy). My moderator position ended with me creating a thread exposing the truth about Runar and ghettobird. The thread was being locked/deleted and I used my last minutes as a moderator to unlock/undelete it. It was later revealed that what I was trying to tell the community was the truth (I think he admitted it), but of course that wouldn’t get me my moderator position back.

3.  Do you know who was responsible for the DDOS attacks on otland and otfans when you first made otland?
Talaturen:I think both sites have been under attack multiple times by different people, I don’t think it has been the same person attacking either site everytime.

4. Can you explain what TFS(theForgottenServer) is and the history behind it?
Talaturen:The Forgotten Server is a project based on OpenTibia. The project was started by me in early 2007, and is still being maintained (mostly the 0.2 branch) by me today. There have been contributions to the project from a lot of people, which has somewhat speeded up the development but also put us in bad situations. Elf has probably made the most significant contributions to The Forgotten Server, but now that he left there isn’t really anyone experienced enough to maintain what he left behind and I don’t know how the future looks for the 0.3/0.4/trunk series.

5. In the early version of TFS did you add a code that prevented a server from being added to OTServlist?
Talaturen:It wasn’t in an early version. It was in 2009, where xinn was unjustifiedly banning servers from his serverlist and was impossible to talk with so I was making a statement.

6. Did you ever resolve your problems with Xinn?
Talaturen:Yes, we had a chat and got to an agreement.

7. In 2007 you, with several others developed the server Radonia? Can you explain what the server was and why did you decide to do it?
Talaturen:Correct. Radonia was a low-rate RPG server project which was lead by Souldrainer. I was very impressed by the mapping and storyline and decided to help, it was up and running a few times but unfortunately it didn’t grow a large playerbase. Souldrainer had a lot of plans in mind, and most of them became real. In the end, his plans went beyond Tibia and even beyond 2D which became overwhelming to me. We actually got pretty far with a 2D client, but then he got into 3D modelling and that is pretty much where it ended for me.

8. Looking back on the past 9-10 years, how has the OTS community changed? Do you think its dying or growing?
Talaturen:It’s not dying, but in the last years it has been going towards the wrong direction and I intend to steer it back in the right direction by rewarding users who contribute and further restricting the marketplace.

9. How long do you plan on being a part of the OT community? Do you think you will ever grow out of it?
Talaturen:I don’t plan on leaving the OT community anytime soon; I might get tired of it at some point but right now I am happy where I am.

10. Are you and GriZzmo and the other Otfans staff on good terms now?
Talaturen:I wouldn’t say so about the staff I had conflicts with, but I don’t see any conflict between me and GriZzm0.

11. Why do you hate leap seconds so much?:)
Talaturen:That damn leap second… it put a lot of software into weird behaviour, including The Forgotten Server where it caused the scheduler to ignore the delay for new events.

Thank you for reading and Otland rocks! =)


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