The Story of R.W. aKa Doonrak

This post summarizes the entity that is Ryan West aka Doonark. This infamous guy was well known for his stable old school servers and how he would use them to scam his players.

Ryan has made thousands of euros in a span of 1-2 yeas. 

After getting money thorough in game donations, he sells the server files for a ridicules amount of money with a backdoor and then hacks the server back after a few days.

His most famous server was called, here we see when the server was online represented by the red bar.

Usually he would only host his server for about a month then close it down after it dies down and he made several hundredths euros from it.

One reason why most of the old school tibia community would play his server was because he would ddos all other oldschool servers.

Other domains that he used to host his servers were;

  • Roldera.Net

His servers were succesful because they were stable and bug free. This is the specs he used to host his servers:

  • 2gb ram dualcore
  • 100mbps
  • snort software installed that filters connection through to your main dedi incase of ddos

One example of his scamming  can be seen here when he sold the files to some poor guy called Albrektsson, Jonathan, who made a server called “”. Ryan sold the files and many people decided to play the server as it was 7.4 and bug free. However shortly after the server got hacked and Jonathan decided to try to host the server once again.

Jonathan believing that it was his fault for the hack, decided to put the server on again even though he was warned not to.

Being well aware of Ryan and his actions i knew that people would get fucked over again in a few days when Ryan gets bored.

After getting hacked for the second time I think Jonathan started believing that the files he purchased had a back door.

I was somewhat friendly with Ryan at that time because of the movies I made about his server, he advertised my youtube channel on his advertisement thread, and my movies got him more players so it was a win win relationship.

In this screen he admits that he hacked that poor guys server.

Beside the usual financial scamming, Ryan also made a custom client for his server which he installed a botnet in. Those who played his servers remember how he managed to affect many players through his custom client which later on he would use to ddos his competition.

So who is Ryan ****?
Going off his email: ryan****

This facebook account is registered under that email:****.9634

and this empty photobucket account:
After following the name he used on photobucket, “isroholm” were led to this otfans account:

Here we can see that R.W. (Ryan ****) first started scamming people.

Looking though his history on that Otfans forum account were lead to this myspace account;

Basically this guy been around since 2006, and has been scamming people since 07, just use google to find example’s of people complaining about his scamming and hacking.

After looking through old tibia archives from 2006-2009 I found this post:

So what info do we have about him?

85.146.96.*** (home ip)

Just though I would share this with everyone, anywho this will be my blog now! =)


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